Wang t-shirt (humor?)

From: Will Jennings <>
Date: Tue Dec 12 17:04:21 2000

First, Yes, Wang was indeed bought by Getronics (bunch of useless SOBs, if
you wonder why I say this just *try* to get some docs from 'em). Second, for
Iggy and any other non-Americans/persons not familiar with slang meanings of
the word "Wang", it is another term for penis, which is why Martin was
laughed at, and why I can get my friends to laugh by telling them I have a
600lb. Wang (VS300). I don't personally think anything is wrong with Wang,
they're pretty darn advanced machines, and they actually run real TCP/IP...
They like nasty X.25 and RS-449 and crap like that, but you can't have
everything... Nice pin, I have a Wang coffee mug myself, as well as 2 Wang
computers, the VS and a 2200MVP.

Will J
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