need a HDD

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Tue Dec 12 18:37:55 2000

Rodime had numerous patents with respect to spindle motor control and
stepping motor operation. The 'E' refers to their implementation of one of
their fancy techniques for fast stepping with half-stepping the head
actuator. Their drives were very nearly as fast as voice-coil driven
models, and cost considerably less, at the time. Voice coils drove them off
the market once their prices came down. That took away their market edge,
which was speed as reflected in the average access time.


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> Richard Erlacher wrote:
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> > Unfortunately, ESDI won't work with the MSC9305 S-100 HDC. The '9305
> Sorry, my fault. I thought this "E" in Rodime 204E stands for ESDI
> interface.
> So how about a micropolis 1325 ?
> Cheers
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