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> Richard Erlacher wrote:
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> > Just in case someone's got one, I'm looking for a hard disk with 640
> > cylinders x 8 heads to replace a Rodime 204E. If anyone has somthing that
> > will fit this geometry, and it's available, I'd like to be informed.
> My memory (and docs) are not so good right now, but isn't that basically the
> same configuration as the Seagate 251? If so, I probably have several of
> them just sitting around *waiting* for an application to pop up :). Let me
> know if you need one.


In MFM world, most commonest n of heads and cylinders is usually 6xx
and 8xx and 4 to 6 heads. Beyond that, that not very common.

ST251 is 820 (check) x 6 heads (not met) needs 8.

On this topic,

Even I was latecomer to MFM I deal with MFM/RLL, exrotic ESDI in
early '90's.

While I was thinking, why not have someone design and program a
adapter to take MFM/RLL as well as ESDI and translate it to SCSI or
IDE and wrap it up in DSP and all in one microcontroller, interface
chipset and some ram, rom? This way, helps people to upkeep their
oddball machine that insists on odd drives. To set up that adapter
board to report specific cylinders range and heads, N of sectors that
reports back to that host machine and just "LL format" the scsi or
IDE hd if needed then HLF it in normal manner as you would do with
any MFM/RLL, ESDI drives.


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