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Date: Wed Dec 13 07:24:03 2000

If at all possible and in file form (text/PDF/etc) could you attach a copy
over to me? I have 5 or 6 1541's and have been wanting to copy some
C64/128/128D stuff over to my PC to be able to store it on CDRW media and
get rid of the old bulky 5.25" disks or at least put them in safe storage
withhout worry that age will impede their quality.

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        I?m getting ready to make a x1541 cable to connect my Commodore 64 drive to
the parallel port of my PC. Unfortunately, the existing instructions are a
little to cryptic for a complete novice like me. For example, how do I
distinguish between the 25 wires in the parallel cable? Is there a sequence
I should follow? What?s the best way to connect the wires? Any advice would
really be appreciated.
             Thanks all.

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