G4IDE and ][GS disks (slightly off topic)

From: Henry Broekhuyse <broekh_at_interchange.ubc.ca>
Date: Wed Dec 13 14:13:31 2000

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> As an aside I've just won an Apple 5 1/4 drive (still in its
> plastic bag :)
> that will go nicely on my Woz GS. The problem I now have is
> getting the disk
> images off one of my Macs and onto a 5 1/4" disk! Any clues? I don't yet
> have a suitable drive on the PC but getting one won't be too
> difficult.......

If you don't have one already, get a 3.5" floppy drive for your GS (even on
ebay these rarely cost more than $10). A Mac is able to read and write
ProDOS formatted 3.5" floppies, making this a convenient means of
transferring files.

Your PC will be of no use for data transfer by floppy, even with a 5.25"
floppy drive installed. The GCR recording method used by the Apple II series
of computers cannot be read or written by a *standard* PC floppy drive
controller. If you must use a PC, the "easiest to implement" method of file
transfer with an Apple II series computer is via a "null modem" serial
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