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From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Tue Dec 12 20:00:11 2000

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>I don't even think we'll even have a problem by 2038 to tell you the
>truth. Look at what's happened to computers since 1962. Now project that
>forward 38 more years and try to imagine how pointless this discussion
>will have been.

Why do you think that will be the case? We've had computers for 50 years, and
in the last 30, they haven't changed all that much. We've had the "file"
concept for longer than many of us have cared to live, as well as interactive
and even graphic terminals. It is very possible for a modern machine to
exchange data with a CP/M machine. The same goes for any old UNIX or VAX.
We're right now at a stage where computers are permeating every aspect of
everyday life and society, and though we might not be aware of it, we're
beginning to find ourselves uneasy without heavy computer support. I doubt
that this data dependency will diminish soon. Particularly when you look at
how unimaginative computer business is. How many revolutionary concepts do you
see each day? And how many succeed? I don't see us leaving the basic computing
concepts established in the 70s and 80s in the next decade or two. We might
gain a lot of embedded systems (at least that's what the industry hopes for),
but general purpose computers will surely fulfill an important role in the
future, too.

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