HP 2392A Terminals free for pickup or cost of shipping

From: Bill Dawson <whdawson_at_mlynk.com>
Date: Wed Dec 13 19:54:52 2000

Third attempt at posting this. Second was returned as "User unknown".
Details are at the end of this email. Am I doing something wrong? I'm
sending this one as a reply, but I've changed the subject and removed
the original text. I've been trying to send this email to the list
since early this afternoon.

I didn't see my first post made at 1429 today appear, so I'm reposting

HP 2392A Terminals free for pickup or cost of shipping, pickup

7 are located in Philadelphia, PA and 7 are in Tampa, FL. All are still
operational and include the original boxes.

Please contact Lisa Flores at Abtech Systems by phone or email to make

(800)474-7397 (Carlsbad, CA) or lisax.flores_at_xabtechsys.com (remove the

Arrangements should be made ASAP. There may be much more HP equipment
available in the future for free if this goes well. Abtech has HP and
Sun equipment, along with other things such as Netservers, PC's and
peripherals, etc. that are not worth shipping back to Carlsbad and may
become available to listmembers in the future.


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