Vintage computers in movies

From: Sellam Ismail <>
Date: Thu Dec 14 01:12:56 2000

On Wed, 13 Dec 2000, Ernest wrote:

> >Televideo TS-802 -Pretty in Pink
> >AT&T 6300 -Secret to My Success
> >IMSAI -Wargames
> >HP-150 -Real Genius
> >GE Differential Analyzer (UCLA) -When Worlds Collide
> >Thinking Machines CM-5 -Jurrasic Park
> >Memotech FDX500 or MTX512 -Weird Science
> >Mac Plus -Star Trek IV
> >VAX 11/750 with IBM 3290 plasma display panels -some independant film (?)

More for your list. I hope you compile this so we can just refer to it
the next time someone asks this :)

Apple //c - that movie where the kids dream about some schematic of
            some gizmo that they then build and it allows them to travel
            through space without feeling any inertia and they build a
            spacecraft and fly to some alien ship and meet some kid aliens
            (I always forget the damn name of this movie)
Apple //c - 2010
Beverly Hills cops has some specific model of an IBM PS/2 (I think). I
   posted this one before.

I know more but my "personal computer" is currently not functioning at
optimal parameters.

And I still haven't figured out what that computer is in _Electric
Dreams_, although I suspect it's a kludged up dealy for visual effect.

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