VAX questions, memory

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Thu Dec 14 13:19:13 2000

>I finally got my hands on a VAX 4000/90 (yipee!) and it now takes its place
>as my fastest VAX. It has 32MB of memory (8 x 4MB modules) and I was
>wondering if, because it looks a lot like a VAX 4000/60 if I could use
>memory modules from a 4000/60 in the 4000/90. Also since I've only got 4
>16MB modules, can I mix 4MB and 16MB modules?

The answer would be that you can use /60 memory in a /90. HOWEVER, you have
to add memory to the /90 in sets of 4, while the /60 only requires sets of
2. The other problem is the memory has to go in a special order, you'll
need to look really closely at the Motherboard in order to see how they go
(it's not easy to see the markings).

BTW, it's cheaper to buy a /60 to get RAM than to go out and get RAM.

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