storage media

From: John Allain <>
Date: Thu Dec 14 14:35:02 2000

> I just saw the coolest storage media. It was a 1 gig
> hard drive that was about 1 square inch and about 1/8

(Way OT)

The amazing thing is that I don't think any PDA's
currently support it. (DigiCams, CompactFlash,Do.)

I go around spouting this sometimes:
"IBM used to send out its salesmen with little 1/24
 models of their Mainframe installations to do site
 planning on the desktop first before bringing in the
 actual HW. With Moore's Law and the progress of
 miniaturization, you could Build a system that big
 now that actually works."

Only with more power.

John A.
P.S. That microdisk is an IBM product <g>.
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