Vintage computers in movies

From: John Allain <>
Date: Thu Dec 14 15:01:35 2000

I thought maybe Irwin Allen had a Sage-Alike
system constructed on his own (bigger, brighter

It may have been a said on the list in the
earlier thread that the Sage debuted(sp) in
"Desk Set" and came back in "Dear Bridgett"
and then later in "What a Way to Go".

I think if it was a Sage that IBM may have
cut off some of the less interesting pieces,
and left the lights. The fact that it was
the same panel came across to me in that it
lit up to say "The End" at the end of Desk
Set and in one of the later movies thay hadn't
moved the light connections around enough so
you could still sorta make out the words.

John A.
P.S. I found out later that the fictitious
     "Collossus" actually looked something
     like the actual RCA BizMAC, IE cabinets
     stepped and repeated off into the horizon.
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