Mac IIfx and IEEE-488 interface

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Thu Dec 14 20:00:27 2000

>I've seen at least one high end Kodak photo printer that used a 488
>interface with a Mac, but this is a heck of a guessing game compared to
>just firing up the mac and running something like TattleTech that reads the
>rom on the cards.

        Actually, I was thinking about the other stuff in the
storeroom these were there were a good dozen of them plus
lots of other stuff...and there was a large bubblejet color printer
of some kind in there and if I recall correctly it was either from
Kodak or Cannon. It was larger than a normal table saw...the thing
was huge! There were also a couple of Quadra's and a few PM 8500's
as well as what appeared to be an early Sony CDR in a large pizza-box
style case. Anyway, there were a couple of 488 cables coming out of
the pile near the printer. I'll have to take a closer look at it all
either tomorrow or Monday...maybe even try to power up on of the

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