Mac IIfx and IEEE-488 interface

From: Neil Cherry <>
Date: Thu Dec 14 21:14:15 2000

Jeff Hellige wrote:
> I was checking out some Mac IIfx machines today and they had
> what appeared to be boards with a single IEEE-488 connector on them.
> To the best of my knowledge, all the machines were used as graphics
> workstations. I've never seen that interface on a Mac before
> though...any ideas what it might have been used for?

I remember one use was for driving photo camera's (slide makers?). The
MAC would create the picture on the camera's film and you would have it
developed. Thus the slides. Now for the conspirasists (sp?) out there:
You realize that if you can use a computer to generate a picture (and I
think film is still valid in court) that you could create a picture
with what ever you want on it. But then again with NBC's (or was it CBS)
changing an ad (in almost realtime) during the Y2K eve dropping of the
ball nothing should surprise us any more. Gives a whole new meaning to
"Don't believe what you hear and only half of what you see".

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