Mac IIfx and IEEE-488 interface

From: Dave McGuire <>
Date: Thu Dec 14 21:38:53 2000

On December 14, Mike Ford wrote:
> I've seen at least one high end Kodak photo printer that used a 488
> interface with a Mac, but this is a heck of a guessing game compared to
> just firing up the mac and running something like TattleTech that reads the
> rom on the cards.

  Yes, that's right, I had almost forgotten. The XL-7700 and XLT-7720
both use IEEE-488, though at least the 7720 can have a SCSI board. I
use a 7720 interfaced to my Mac via SCSI. Gorgeous output;
indistinguishable from mainstream photographs.

    -Dave McGuire
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