TI MicroProcessor Learning System ???

From: DOUG PEKSA - COMPG <PeksaDO_at_Cardiff.ac.uk>
Date: Fri Dec 15 14:48:53 2000

I have something very similar (if not identical)
to the black box with white top and metal
toggle switches. Mine is a microprogrammer (as
visible on the picture) LCM-1001. I have nothing
to plug into the expansion socket but do have a
paperback book containing diagrams similar to
those on the cover of the hardback book shown
in the picture. It might be the same book in
paperback - I'll have to check.

My microprogrammer still works happily on its
original NiCads - not bad for something over
twenty years old. I still have the original
box. Also have the mains adapter/charger.

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