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From: Bill Sudbrink <>
Date: Fri Dec 15 09:21:58 2000

> >"IBM used to send out its salesmen with little 1/24
> > models of their Mainframe installations to do site
> > planning on the desktop first before bringing in the
> > actual HW. With Moore's Law and the progress of
> > miniaturization, you could Build a system that big
> > now that actually works."
> >
> >Only with more power.
> Imagine putting together a little model of, say, the
> PDP-10 system on the back cover of one of the PDP-10
> reference manuals, but build an imbedded x86 machine
> into the model, with one serial line... run linux on
> the the embedded machine and Timothy Stark's pdp-10
> emulator running TOPS-10...

My wife messes around with doll houses now and then.
Several times I've wondered if I could build a fully
functioning miniature IMSAI, just front panel
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