The debate on what per say is a mini...

From: Will Jennings <>
Date: Fri Dec 15 11:29:47 2000

Personally, I consider all VAXen minicomputers, except for the 9000's, which
I definetly agree are mainframes (use MCM technology, can be serviced
without bringing down the whole system, etc.). But then again, I'd call just
about any dedicated UNIX box (aka "workstation") a minicomputer too... I
personally make the distinctions based not so much on physical size, but on
the architecture, software, etc. For example, the smallest VAX is still a
minicomputer to me because it uses a bus used only by DEC, a DEC processor,
and runs a DEC-created operating system (I'm only talking about the OS that
it was originally meant to run, please don't think I'm trying to leave out
UNIX, BSD, or Idris, to name a few).

Will J
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