A couple of quick SGI Personal Iris/Power Series questions...

From: Will Jennings <xds_sigma7_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Fri Dec 15 21:47:16 2000

OK, having today found a Power Series 4D/210VGX in a twin tower enclosure
that I plan on buying, (not sure how much to offer though, but hey), I got
motivated to mess with my dear old doorstop, err I mean Personal Iris
4D/35... Except I discovered that it's a 4D/25, and that therefore it was
dumb of me to just assume the 2 PI's that were at the place I got it were
the same... I chose the one I have because it had a nicer case, and I stole
the little top door from the other one because the one I got was missing
it.. and guess what, the door says "Personal Iris 4D/35".. so here's the
second question.. does anyone have a 4D/25 door they'd part with? (Or for
that matter skins for an Origin 200? but thats OT).. Now on to the next
question.. I also accquired a 950-0801 keyboard and before risking the poor
little PI I want to be sure this is the correct keyboard... Finally, does
anyone have a copy of IRIX 5.3 they'd part with/copy, preferrably on QIC
tapes? Oh yeah, if anyone has any PI manuals or manuals for that Power
Series, I could use those too..

Will J
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