Professors worry that engineering students don't tinker

From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Fri Dec 15 20:47:10 2000

Tony Duell skrev:

>> >> >> Is this a "VCR" system?
>> >>
>> >> >That depends on what you mean by 'VCR system' (and Philips themselves
>> >> >changed the meaning a few times).
>> >>
>> >> Pre-Video2000 arcane square cassette home video system.
>> >Yes, that's the N1500 alright :-)
>> Surely there were other models, too?

>There was a the N1700, which used the same cassette, but ran the tape
>more slowly to give a longer recording time. Alas the machines were
>totally incompatible AFAIK -- an N1500 couldn't play an N1700 tape and an
>N1700 couldn't play an N1500 tape.

Hm, so IOW video rental was out of the question?

>> >> But wasn't V2000 a tad late in the race? IIRC, it came in '82, when ho=
>> me =3D
>> >Yes... (like the 6809 CPU, and various other good designs)
>> The 6809 wasn't too late for the 8-bit micro race, was it?

>IMHO yes. It came out significantly later than the Z80 or 6502. And
>although the 6809 is (IMHO) the most elegant of the 8 bit micros (it's a
>lot nicer than either the 6502 or Z80, for example), it wasn't widely used.

But several early micros use the 6809, don't they? Look at the Dragon and the
Tandy. It may have missed the early hacker scene (though I loaned a book at
the library a while ago detailing how to build your own 6809-based computer
from scratch), but was it too late for the consumer micro scene?

>> >History has shown time and again that you can either develop a poor
>> >design and get it out into the marketplace, or spend some time doing the
>> >job properly and be late. And, alas, the early designs always seem to
>> >'win' :-( :-(.
>> Mind you, Philips did both, didn't they? The VCR was the firs thome video
>> system, wasn't it? I wouldn't know if it was a poor design, though.

>The original Philips machines (N1500, N1700) were very well made, and
>worked well. I think what killed them (cetainly the N1500) was the
>limited recording time -- 1 hour per cassette. This wasn't long enough to
>time shift a film (movie), for example.

Ouch, no.

>The second time round Philips were determined to cure this problem --
>hence the V2000 with 4 hours recording per side. Of course since the
>machines came out later than the VHS or Betamax units, V2000 is now only
>a memory...


>> Oh, where did I put that electronics mag with reviews of the entire first
>> batch of Video2000 recorders... Didn't Bang & Olufsen make one, too? Of

>Most earlier B&O video recorders (including early VHS models) were actually
>Philips machines. As were some other makes -- for example Dynatron in the
>UK sold a colour TV with built in VCR in the mid 1970s. The TV was based
>on the Philips G11 chassis and the VCR was an N1500.

My, that's early. Hm, I'll have to look that magazine up.

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