Atari questions from non-Atari person

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Date: Fri Dec 15 23:00:22 2000

Today some folks came into the shop and inquired about a new Windows-based
PC. They've been using an Atari (which I know nothing about) for over ten
years. They use it to print flyers, manage a mailing list, do word
processing, and other minor tasks.

They "think" the system is a Mega ST 4 (corrections, please). They "know"
that they are using Calamus, Tracker, and WordPerfect on their Atari.

My questions to the group:

Is there a Windows 9x emulator for this machine so they can run their old
programs and use their old data?

If not, can Calamus, WP, and Tracker data be transferred to a Win9x machine
and accessed using current Win9x programs?

In other words, they want to retain the functionality and data of their old
Atari and at the same time move to a Win9x platform.

Any help, as always, is greatly appreciated.

Glen Goodwin
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