The debate on what per say is a mini...

From: Clint Wolff <>
Date: Sat Dec 16 00:48:56 2000

On 16 Dec 2000, Iggy Drougge wrote:

> Chuck McManis skrev:
> >There are lots of ways to "slice" this question. I have at various time used:
> > if it runs on one 110V wall socket its a micro
> > if it takes 220 and/or three phase its a mini
> My, I've suddenly got a whole lot of minis around here! Thre only exception I
> can think of is my DECstation 5000/200, which for some reason seems to be
> stuck in 110V country.
> > if the "CPU" is one chip its a micro
> BTW, how micro is a MicroVAX?

The MicroVAX I CPU was multiple boards containing custom gate arrays

The MicroVAX II CPU is a single chip (CVAX), with a second support
processor (FPU?,MMU? I forget). Runs on 110V wall socket. The BA23?
pedestal cabinet could be rack-mounted in about 6" of a 19" rack
(with two internal drives)

The MicroVAX 2000 CPU is the same CVAX chip in a smaller box yet
13"x13"x5" or so.

The MicroVAX 3100/xx CPU is a faster (3x) chip in a box more like
the modern PC desktop case (short and wider, but similiar)

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