Atari questions from non-Atari person

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Sat Dec 16 13:08:32 2000

> Glen Goodwin wrote:
> > Is there a Windows 9x emulator for this machine so they can run
> > their old programs and use their old data?
> Try the free emulators, Pacifist or Winston. Despite its age I prefer
> to use Pacifist for Atari applications. A better choice would be
> MagiC, but I have no idea where you can purchase it from.
 Pacifist is still pretty impressive but just not like using the real
> > If not, can Calamus, WP, and Tracker data be transferred to a Win9x
> machine
> > and accessed using current Win9x programs?
> Calamus & Word Perfect have been on magazine cover disks in the last
> year. I realise this is little help, but may give you an idea of where
> to get it from. -- Gareth Knight Amiga Interactive Guide |
> Team Amiga | | BenchPress |
 Whoa, what magazines pray tell. I thought all of the ST zines had
folded their cards or were unfulfilled launches.

ciao larry

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