Tossing more than cookies

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Sat Dec 16 14:55:46 2000

>At 01:17 PM 12/15/00 -0800, Mike Ford wrote:
>>>> mainyard where everything gets dumped that doesn't have any special value,
>>>> and said clean it up, EVERYTHING. Tuesday the 6th truck sized dumpster got
>>University of California, Irvine. I am sure something similar is going on
>>at most college campus' from time to time.
>Yikes. Keep an eye out for Terak stuff. They had some.

So far the only Terak stuff wasn't any good, just boxes of documentation,
8" floppies etc. The little consoles with the builtin screen and 8" floppy
drive aren't any good are they?

*just kidding really* NOTHING remotely like a Terak, or any of its stuff
would slip past me.
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