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From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Fri Dec 15 22:52:24 2000

Chuck McManis skrev:

>You mean you didn't get yours?

>(Seriously though, I once saw the "component stereo" you got by signing up
>for Sport's Illustrated at a garage sale. It was an AM/FM radio with two
>speakers about the 1/3 size of a disposable camera.)

To keep this slightly on topic, a bloke at the user group once brought a
miniature pong console (the size of two cigarette packs, perhaps) which was
given away when signing up for a comic book.

>Regarding cheap digital cameras, they are cheap because they suck. I
>knuckled under and got a "real" Digicam (the Olympus C-3030Z) to replace my
>nearly on-topic Minolta Dimage V) and I must say, the difference is
>remarkable (they both cost about the same, and the Olympus is cheaper in
>inflation adjusted dollars)

I wouldn't want to risk ending up without media in a remote village in a
foreign land, which is likely if one is bringing a digital camera on the
And digital snaps can't be easily shown to others, save for on the lo-res web.

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