Slashdot story-Atari 800XL used in Czech hospital

From: Marvin <>
Date: Sun Dec 17 11:25:57 2000

Michael Passer wrote:
> The article and discussion at this URL:
> discuss a cassette-based Atari 800 in a medical application in the
> Czech Republic.

A summary posted in one of the comments states:

1) Computer is started, program is loaded from cassette.
2) Entering the data of patient (name, birthdate, height, weight).
3) Entering the date & time of checkup.
4) Entering the age of the isotope.
5) Program computes the optimal amount of isotope.
6) The probes are pointed to certain places of patient's body.
7) Injection of isotope.
8) For 5 minutes the program records the data from the probes.
9) Saving the data to cassette.
10) Disconnecting the gamma interface, connecting the teletype interface.
11) Priting of the protocol to teletype.

Amazing though, that some of the comments seem to show a disrespect for
older technology for no other reason that it isn't the newest.
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