DEC VT-180 "Robin" system / finding a DEC VT-100

From: ajp166 <>
Date: Sun Dec 17 12:15:57 2000

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From: Claude <>

>I have been offered the components for a Dec "Robin" system. Person says
>he has everything except the VT-100...

A DEC VT180 (Aka Robin) without VT100 is just a disk box, a VT180 board
and the cables and connectors to insert it in vt100.

What it is is a Z80 /64k board with 4 serial ports and FDC. You basic
engine. What it needs to work, power, interface to terminal, reset from
The VT100 supplies power, reset and the interface between the two.

That board can be made to run standalone with any standard DEC tube or

As CP/M systems go it was a decent one. It's weaknesses were, only
single sided drives and bios was for DD 40 tracks (172k per drive). The
was it was a soild machine and fast {for the time} at 4mhz.

>Anybody wanna speculate what are my chances of finding a clean no screen
>burn VT100 terminal/keyboard these days...and in Canada...???

Good possibility.

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