Semicon storage

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Sun Dec 17 13:00:25 2000

I've found that those metal wall-hangable cabinets for the small 1.25x2:x6"
plastic drawers have worked OK for the last 25 years. Now I'm having a
problem getting more matching boxes ... Oh well ...

For stuff I keep in quantity, (not intentionally but still ...) I keep a few
in the drawers, but most in the plastic rails in which they're shipped.
I've often considered using an idle computer to keep track of the drawers by
lighting a row and a column LED indiator to lead me to the drawer. That way
I don't have to mark the parts drawer with the part numbers and it doesn't
matter whether there's any logic to how they're stored physically, since the
software works that out. That would solve a lot of problems for me, since I
have hundreds of drawers and over a thousand different IC numbers to track.
Not only that, but there are hundreds of switches, resistors, caps, etc, not
to mention the nuts, bolts, washers, standoffs, card-guides, connectors,
LED's transistors, LCD's, etc. and then there's the "snake-pit" (boxes of
cables). Since there's no coupling between the inventory list and where
it's stored, I have to store the parts in a drawer with a label in some way
indicative of what's inside. Software and a few wires would sureley help
with that. One of these days ...

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> Hello, all:
> I'm wrestling with a chip storage problem and wanted to get ideas from
> others as to how to store and track ICs in my "stock".
> Right now, I have ICs of various types stored in a mixture of anti-static
> tubes and black foam. Unfortunately, it's impossible to find any
> chip because most of them are mixed-up and the tubes aren't identified.
> So, I realize that there's a problem here. I need to number the tubes and
> re-sort the chips. But, while I'm going throught this I wanted to get some
> ideas for "a better way." Does anyone use a formal inventory system? How
> you track the tubes and chips?
> Rich
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