I have returned...

From: Bruce Lane <kyrrin_at_bluefeathertech.com>
Date: Mon Dec 18 00:56:11 2000

        Back! I'm back. Everyone relax. ;-)

        Some quick news bits in case not everyone's caught up. NetBSD 1.5 is out,
and I've managed to burn a bootable CD-R for it for VAX platforms. I'm also
working with another fellow to get a tape-bootable image going for them. My
next attempts will be at bootable CD's for Alpha, ARC, and possibly others.

        For those of you that are into both ham radio and old computers, I've
rescued an AEA PAKRATT-64 from the local thrift store. This beastie was
used in conjunction with the Commodore-64 systems to provide amateur packet
communications. Maybe it's usable for RTTY as well? Anyway, I'll be putting
the thing up on E-pay as soon as I clean it up and do some basic checks on it.

        It's not classic, per se, but I have a new laptop that I've loaded down
with engineering and reference apps. It'll be, in essence, my "field guide"
on steroids.

        The only other thing I can think of at the moment is that, for some reason
as yet unknown to my conscious mind, I've developed a serious interest in
the former Bell System. As a result, I've started collecting memorabilia in
the form of tools, phones (back to the mid-70's or so... anything earlier
doesn't really thrill me), decals, a Bell hard hat, and especially the old
BSP's (Bell System Practices) and other technical docs.

        Soooooo.... if any of you happen to come across Bell System/Western
Electric/phone stuff in your travels to recover computer hardware, I would
appreciate at least knowing about it. There may be something I want! ;-)

        Conversely, if someone comes across, say, a Bell dataset or something else
that you need details on, let me know. I may have the BSP that covers it. I
can scan it and turn it into a .PDF if need be.

        Thanks much, keep the peace(es), and have a terrific holiday.

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