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From: McFadden, Mike <>
Date: Mon Dec 18 10:40:53 2000

I have seen several articles on why companies are choosing mainframes as
servers for PC networks.
1. Scalability If you need a PC based server for every 100 PC's and a
system administrator for each server and you have 2000 PC's then you need 20
system administrators, also 20 backups, also 20 sets of passwords,
permissions and rights lists. How do you keep the systems synchronized and
running. Logistics nightmare.
2. Predictability. You can buy a "mainframe" from IBM and know what costs,
licenses, and hardware will cost. Your software probably won't need an
infinite number of patches to run. You can buy known network and backup
3. Stable OS. The operating system is a known quantity with predictable
costs to support. You can hire staff that have mainframe experience.
4. IBM actually is selling more "mainframe" hardware than ever before.

Enough with the big iron.

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