New Find: Sanyo Navigator - has crt problems

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Mon Dec 18 10:48:48 2000

> On Sun, 17 Dec 2000, Ethan Dicks wrote:
> > It was "blue tag" day at the thrift store - 50% off. I found this
> > black box with a 9" crt, telephone and floppy drive. There was a
> > bit of thermal fax paper hanging out the back and the top lifted off
> > to reveal a paper input hopper. The whole thing seems to be a piece
> > of office equipment, c. 1990, consisting of an integrated phone, fax
> > and 8086-based PC.
> As a quick aside, I have a thrift store like the one you describe in
> my area that has a 50% discount each week based on the color of the
> price tag. So if the price tag is blue and the week's color is blue
> then you get 50% off. These stores seem to be everywhere, as I also
> found some when I was doing lots of work in Raleigh, NC.
> So the reason I'm bringing this up is I'm wondering how a chain thrift
> store like this operates. They don't seem to be contributing to any
> charitable cause, and as far as I can tell, they are just resellers of
> people's discarded crap.
> Does anyone know how these guys operate?
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> Festival

 I just picked up a Mitromac 40 external SCSI HD for $1.50 on the
same sort of deal at a local Goodwill.
 TMK Goodwills only charitable contribution is providing jobs. They
claim it is job-training for the unskilled but it doesn't take much
training to sort boxes and operate a cash-register. At one time they
did do some repair on used items requiring at least repair skills,
but now they just sell everything with an as-is sticker making it
 Here they've even managed to get into a provincialy subsidized
work for welfare program so they have even less than the minimum
wage rates to pay. By that criteria even Walmart is a charitable
organization. There are some other thifts that actually do some
charitable return and others that make no pretense about not
having a bottom line. It would be interesting to see Goodwills
dispersions. I imagine the upper execs do quite well, thankyou.

ciao larry


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