Free/trade DEC stuff

From: Claude <>
Date: Mon Dec 18 21:46:00 2000


I know a lot of people collect Digital stuff on here. But I have no idea
of how rare or un-rare this is:

This will most likely go into garbage soon - at next major bi-monthly

I got a DEC LA100 logic board in a lot of DEC Robin stuff. I have no use
for this LA100 board. No idea if it works. Looks complete and in good
shape, no apparent damage or missing parts. Tags on eproms had fallen
of. Perhaps EPROM data is now corrupt.

I also have a DEC RRD42-AA (SCSI) CdroM drive. Dont know if it works.
Not dead when power applied. Takes and ejects caddy/cd. It was with some
parts I got from someone with a VAX8350...perhaps that was used with it
(?) I had forgotten about this...pretty sure this is a 1X unit. Needs a

Free or will accept anything you wanna throw out that might interest me
in return.

Shpping will be from Montreal Canada. Expect maybe $5US-$10US for
shipping costs.

I have been posting quite a bit of stuff for free/trade lately. I try to
post anything "interesting" and in great shape before I throw out.
Sometimes perhaps it's not too interesting. If it's getting to some
people - tell me.

The Canuk Computer Collector
(It's cold up here now...time to hide in basement and restore some
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