$3551 Sol???

From: Neil Cherry <ncherry_at_home.net>
Date: Tue Dec 19 13:01:31 2000

Lawrence LeMay wrote:

> 2) Because anyone willing to bid that much, and who doesnt have the
> Common Deciency to SNIPE, deserves to overpay by several thousand
> dollars.

Hehe, rules to live by (maybe?) 1) never bid first 2) set a limit and
stick to it 3) use the snipe software. I've found some people have an
ownership mentality, when it comes to ebay. It's sort of a "I saw it
first and it's all mine". One thing I have to do with some snipe
software is create a conditional function. If I win this cancel this,
this and this ... I think you get the idea.

I amy have bid too much for my ATR800 (~$350) but that's because of
sedimental reasons. I also haven't seen too many ATR8000's for sale
or bid so I may not have doen too badly (it was a complete system
with software, drives and Atari 800).

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