Hard disk Woes

From: Richard Erlacher <edick_at_idcomm.com>
Date: Tue Dec 19 13:46:31 2000

Well, it's unlikely you can do that, since it's likely the servo information
with which the drive figures out what's what is gone or at least

That's why there are backups, doncha know! If you don't do regular backups,
it's because you don't care whether you lose your data. A 20 GB drive
requires a 20 GB-minimum capacity on your backup device. Experience has
shown me that if your backup medium doesn't exceed your system capacity, you
won't have backups because it's too inconvenient to sit there and wait 12
hours for the job to finish, or because you fell asleep waiting to put in
the next tape, etc. If the tape is big enough to do the job, it starts by
itself, and it stops by itself, and all you do is change the tape every

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> Richard Erlacher wrote:
> > Your 20GB drive is recent enough that it should probably still be under
> > warranty. Have you explored that?
> Thanks for your comments. I contacted WD and they were willing to replace
> the drive. However, I would prefer to find a way of getting the
> back (aside from paying thousands for costly recovery).
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