Vintage computers in movies

From: Charles E. Fox <>
Date: Tue Dec 19 14:18:33 2000

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>The discussion of classic computers in the movies has prompted some
>commercial thoughts. Is there any money to be made in renting classic
>computers to movie makers? People in SoCal, New York, and up here in
>"Hollywood North" might be able to fund their hobby that way. Anyone have
>any experience with this? Is damage to the rented items a big risk? Did you
>have to provide a catalog of your systems to the Prop people? Could you add
>value by providing "historically accurate" setups for different eras (e.g.
>an Apple II with period peripherals for an early 80s film) I'd be
>interested in any feedback from people with experience in this area.

When did Hollywood start worrying about "Historical Accuracy"?

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