Snipe S/W?

From: Tim Harrison <>
Date: Wed Dec 20 08:56:18 2000

Mike Ford wrote:

> Sell a few items and use PayPal, once you have a balance just limit your
> purchases to whats in the Paypal account. Generally I am still my "frugal"
> self, but if it fits in my PayPal funds I don't often deny myself much of
> anything anymore.

I try to avoid PayPal. As much as I think the concept is cool, it still
makes me nervous. That, and my wife is dead set against paying for
things online, unless it's through the credit card, so she can dispute
it, in the event of something going terribly awry.

And I couldn't sell anything anyway. Too much of a packrat. Even
though I don't use Windows, I have a bucket of winmodems. I'm kinda sad
that way. I even have a problem throwing out dead hardware. I keep
thinking to myself "you know, what if I was wrong, and this 386
motherboard isn't *really* toast... I could build..."

Tim Harrison
Network Engineer
Received on Wed Dec 20 2000 - 08:56:18 GMT

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