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Toad Computers ( sold a card for the PC that ran ST software.
I think it was called the Gemulator.

There are several shareware and commercial programs to emulate the ST
without any hardware add ons. Go to the Little Green Desktop web page.
You will find all you need and more.



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>Glen Goodwin wrote:
>> Is there a Windows 9x emulator for this machine so they can run their old
>> programs and use their old data?

>Try the free emulators, Pacifist or Winston. Despite its age I prefer to
>use Pacifist for Atari applications. A better choice would be MagiC, but
>I have no idea where you can purchase it from.

>> If not, can Calamus, WP, and Tracker data be transferred to a Win9x
>> and accessed using current Win9x programs?

>Calamus & Word Perfect have been on magazine cover disks in the last
>year. I realise this is little help, but may give you an idea of where to
>get it from.
>Gareth Knight
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