Snipe S/W?

From: Jim Arnott <>
Date: Thu Dec 21 00:37:36 2000

I do a fair amount of buying on ebay and here's what I've learned...

If you want an item and you know what a fair price is, bid that amount
on the last day of the auction. (Example: Mac IIfx motherboard that I
wanted. 32 mb ram included. Fair price for board was about $20, fair
price for ram was about $25. I bid $45 while the bidding was in the
low teens. I watched the snipers bounce off my bid up to $31. Then
it was mine. A deal.)

If you find an item with one bid with two minutes to go, bid the fair
amount in the last ten seconds. There are numerous utilities to sync
your system clock. Use 'em. (Example: PDS/Nubus adapter sat with one
bid for seven days. I needed it, I sniped it. But once again, I was
willing to pay a 'fair' price.)

The key words above are "FAIR PRICE"!!! If you're willing to pay what
the market price is, you'll usually end up with it.

Sniping is a fact of life. You just deal with it. Pay a fair price
and don't worry about it.

The reason that I asked about 'sniping s/w' is the feature of being
able to bid on multiple items and bail on the bids further down the
line when you get what you're after.

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