Snipe S/W?

From: Rich Lafferty <>
Date: Thu Dec 21 01:50:23 2000

On Wed, Dec 20, 2000 at 10:21:29PM -0800, Sellam Ismail ( wrote:
> > I have no idea if eBay selected Vickrey's model, or duplicated it by
> > accident, but AFAICT the only difference between theirs and his is that
> > with eBay, the winner pays one bid increment above the runner up's bid,
> > instead of exactly the lower bid.
> What are you talking about? Wouldn't "one bid increment above the runner
> up's bid" just mean the high bid??? And again, they did not use Vickrey's
> method.

No. If we're both bidding on an auction, I bid $1000, and you bid $30,
I'll end up paying about $31, if the minimum bid increment is $1.

> > Is this O/T, or what?

Hrm, I didn't respond to this part in the first bit of the
message. No, I think strategies to win auctions is pretty on-topic on
this list.
> Always is, and obnoxious to boot.

Agreed, you are. Painfully and consistently so. I've never seen
someone bring me so close to unsubscribing so often. Maybe it's just
time for a killfile. If only mail had long References: threads.

> I motion for the creation of the > "!_at_%^$# eBay Gripe Mailing List"
> and that any message coming to CC that > has "eBay" (case insensitive)
> within the header or body will be > automatically routed to that list.
> Then people who actually care to wade > through all this eBay bullshit
> could subscribe to that list.
> Can I get a second?

I'd prefer that "bullshit" that's relevant to buying and selling
classic computers to much of that which spews forth from you.

I'd also prefer you get off your high horse and realize that there are
other people on the list than you, despite what you'd *prefer* to


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