Snipe S/W?

From: Bill Dawson <>
Date: Thu Dec 21 09:14:24 2000

-> Case in Point, Dutch auction on ebay of 5 power supplies, and to
-> the deal the seller is offering a an item worth as much just about as
-> power supply as a bonus to the high bidder. Most bids were around
$10, then
-> a $20 bid shows up, then a $25, then a $35 sniped in at the last
-> Everybody paid less than about $12 (lowest winning bid), but I was
-> tempted to drop in my own last minute bid of $37 just to raise the
-> bid a notch or two. (yes I wanted both the power supply and bonus
item, and
-> happen to know the seller who is a nice guy deserving of the overall
-> price.) My point is that the high bidders only made the bids they did
-> the expectation of n-1 nuts, so they didn't have to make good on the
-> bid amount.

Dutch auctions where the items offered are not identical are not allowed
according to eBay rules. Adding a bonus item, or as some sellers do,
state that the nicest or best item will go to the highest bidder, is
also not allowed. If an auction like this is brought to eBay's
attention, it will be terminated.


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