Snipe S/W?

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Thu Dec 21 13:19:35 2000

>If I can offer advise, use the proxy system. Enter the amount maximum
>amount you are willing to pay. You have absolutely, irrevocably defused
>ANY danger of sniping.

Or of getting a good price. Lets say I am selling in the same items in
three auctions over the period of a couple hours. You place your maximum
bid on the first one (its "worth" $75, you bid $51.92 and take the first
bid spot of $9.95), and towards the end of the auction somebody comes along
wanting one of the items. Most likely they "test" your bid (say $25), maybe
via a last second snipe, and guess what you win (but your bid is now $26)
and they move on to the next item I have for auction and "test" that bid.
These bargain hunters effectively remove all the bargains.

Or, maybe the person wants it, and the amount isn't that much and they are
"curious" about how much you bid, so they under bid, ie instead of bidding
whole amounts plus some factor, they bid whole amount less some factor, ie
$50 less $2.03, and your bid becomes $48.27. If they bid $54.37 and win,
they know if its done early enough there is a fair chance you will come
back and save them.
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