Snipe S/W?

From: Eric J. Korpela <>
Date: Thu Dec 21 14:05:01 2000

> On December 21, Aaron Nabil wrote:
> > If I can offer advise, use the proxy system. Enter the amount maximum
> > amount you are willing to pay. You have absolutely, irrevocably defused
> > ANY danger of sniping.
> If the item is commonly available through other sources, sure, I
> agree. [...] my definition of "maximum" is a very subjective thing...
> and may have nothing to do with the "street value" of the item.
> [...]
> . I'd pay several hundred bucks for a pdp11/34a in a
> heartbeat on eBay. Why? Because I've been looking for one for a LONG
> time [...]

I don't think this invalidates the point Aaron made. In fact it validates
it. Enter several hundred bucks for your maximum and you won't have to
snipe. If it goes above that, well, it was more than you were willing to
pay. What's the problem? If you are disappointed you didn't get it, then
you apparently didn't have your maximum set high enough.

> In other words, two points...One, sniping is an essential technique for
> non-mainstream items (in any category) on eBay, if your goal is to get
> the item.

That's usually not the goal of sniping. The goal of sniping is to get the
item for less that you think others would be willing to pay. Then again
if they really had entered their maximum, the technique wouldn't work. The
problem is that most people really don't think through what their maximum is
and are willing to change their "maximum" several times over the course of
the week.

I usually bid my maximum right away. I'm never disappointed because someone
else was willing to pay more, because I am unwilling to pay more. Sniping
really doesn't buy you anything but the satisfaction of knowing you've paid
more than you were originally willing to.

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