Snipe S/W?

From: Jim Strickland <>
Date: Thu Dec 21 14:26:51 2000

> To fix eBay would be to find something that doesn't lead to these
> imbalances (which lead to market distortion in one direction or
> another, since the price-setters will be behaving irrationally).
> -Rich

Yet another example of knowledge equalling power. Look, if you don't know what
something is worth AND have a good idea what the maximum you're willing to pay
for it AND have a willingness to be happy anyway if someone bids more than that,
You shouldn't bid on e-bay. Auctions work because people believe they can get
a bargain for just one more bid, and they get caught up in it and bid past what
the thing is worth. If you can't play auction hardball (see the terms above)
then you will be fleeced or not get what you want at an auction. Same thing
goes for art auctions at science fiction conventions, and surplus auctions,
all of which I've gone to, spent money at, and enjoyed.
Jim Strickland
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