Old SGI's?!

From: Dave McGuire <mcguire_at_neurotica.com>
Date: Thu Dec 21 17:02:47 2000

On December 21, Sean Caron wrote:
> > I looked at their "reasonable" prices.. *Not*.
> I guess it's all relative. Granted, SGI systems are workstations, and if
> you're
> looking to purchase stuff from a reseller, it's going to be rather expensive
> any way you go, because they're generally geared to the sort of clientele
> that will purchase and pay larger amounts of money for workstations and
> workstation parts. It's hard to keep this in mind sometimes when we are
> so used to getting equipment for free or extremely cheaply, but sometimes
> there's that part that we just really don't have much choice for.
> I didn't mean to point anyone in the "wrong" direction. I was just
> suggesting
> them as they certainly have the parts, and I personally have had nothing but
> positive experiences with them in the past.

  I second this voice of support for Greg at reputable.com. I've had
nothing but positive experiences with him as well, and his prices
*are* reasonable...if you keep in mind the fact that he is a RESELLER,
not a surplus organization or a college equipment dump, and he deals
with lots of large corporations.

  It's like dealing with Black Box. You'll never get the best price
from them...but when you're in a pinch, what you need will always be
on your doorstep before you wake up the next morning.

           -Dave McGuire
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