Old SGI's?!

From: Pete Turnbull <pete_at_dunnington.u-net.com>
Date: Thu Dec 21 19:15:37 2000

On Dec 21, 17:00, Sean Caron wrote:

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> > << Hmm, I dunno about reputable, I called them to try and sell them
> > stupid
> > origin 200 I have an the guy was a total ass.. he asked me if the
> > thing was stolen.. what a moron
> > >>
> >
> > I looked at their "reasonable" prices.. *Not*.

> I guess it's all relative. Granted, SGI systems are workstations, and if
> you're
> looking to purchase stuff from a reseller, it's going to be rather
> any way you go, because they're generally geared to the sort of clientele
> that will purchase and pay larger amounts of money for workstations and
> workstation parts. It's hard to keep this in mind sometimes when we are
> so used to getting equipment for free or extremely cheaply, but sometimes
> there's that part that we just really don't have much choice for.
> I didn't mean to point anyone in the "wrong" direction. I was just
> suggesting
> them as they certainly have the parts, and I personally have had nothing
> positive experiences with them in the past.

I second Sean's point of view. I've dealt with Reputable, as have a few of
my friends, and we've always found them helpful. The prices are
reasonable, especially compared to others (including private sellers) in
the workstation market. If you don't like them, you could try negotiating.

Will, any reasonable reseller will check the provenance of something like
an O200 -- not the sort of thing you usually find privately owned.

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