3 inch floppy drive?

From: Fred Cisin <cisin_at_xenosoft.com>
Date: Thu Dec 21 22:30:25 2000

> Is anyone familar with the 3" floppy drives? Is that what these
> "http://www.intellistar.net/~rigdonj/misc/3-inch.jpg" are? I pulled them
> out of a Loral 1553 bus analyzer. As you can see from the photo, a standard
> 3.5" floppy disk is too large for them. Do these use the same interface as
> the 3.5" drives?

They were used in some Amstrad computers, and Amdek made external drive
units that was sold for use with Apple ][ and Coco. They were also used
BRIEFLY by Gavilan before they switched to 3.5" SA300.
I think that there were also some Canon models with them.

Same "SA400" interface. (Almost the same as 5.25 or 3.5" floppies)
They were available in single or two headed. The single sided permitted
turning the disk over for "flippy" use.

> How many tracks do these support?
40 (per side)

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