Rubber rejuvinent?

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Date: Thu Dec 21 22:41:45 2000

> Any opinions on "rubber rejuvinent"? I want to give all my printers a once
> over during the holidays, and I've heard this stuff is just the ticket for
> lazy pickup rollers etc. Web searchs have shown a couple different aerosol
> products, but I think it also comes in bottles. Tomorrow I do some local
> hunting at a couple big electronics parts stores. Anybody have experience,
> or preferences?

I believe there is a brand called something like "Rubber Renews It", our ex
printer/plotter guy absolutly swore by the stuff. Unfortunatly he retired
last week after about 21 years of doing the job, it was *scarry* how much he
knew about printers!

I think the stuff I'm thinking of needs to be painted on. Personally an
aerosol kind of scares me.

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