Rubber rejuvinent?

From: Frank McConnell <>
Date: Thu Dec 21 23:18:16 2000

Mike Ford <> wrote:
> Any opinions on "rubber rejuvinent"? I want to give all my printers a once
> over during the holidays, and I've heard this stuff is just the ticket for
> lazy pickup rollers etc. Web searchs have shown a couple different aerosol
> products, but I think it also comes in bottles. Tomorrow I do some local
> hunting at a couple big electronics parts stores. Anybody have experience,
> or preferences?

Back in the 1980s the HP CEs used to carry a bottle of something
called Fedron that was very aromatic and good at making rubber
printer rollers just grabby enough to pull paper through.
It was so good I figure it caused the hole in the ozone layer
and that's why you can't find it any more.

Lately I've turned up (at Fry's, surprisingly enough) a 100ml bottle
of something differently aromatic called Rubber Renue. It's from
M. G. Chemicals <URL:> and is their catalog
number 408A-100ml. It seems to have made the rubber pads on the
supply reel fingers in one of my HP 88780 drives a bit more grabby
than they were, which was desired. I haven't tried it on printers

Fair warning, wherever you use this stuff will be pungent for a couple
of days if the ventilation isn't good. It doesn't smell bad to me but
your tastes may differ, and it's an eye/skin/lung irritant as well as
flammable. Chemical contents are claimed to be dimethylbenzene
(CAS#1330-20-7) and methyl salicylate (CAS#119-36-8).

-Frank McConnell
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