VT78 - lots of questions

From: Pete Turnbull <pete_at_dunnington.u-net.com>
Date: Sat Dec 23 08:02:58 2000

I've just got all my collection back out of storage and I'm hoping to get
my VT78 up and running after Christmas. It's not been used in about 10
years (before I got it), so obviously some care and testing is going to be
required first. And of course I have a "few" questions...

Is there anything in particular I should watch out for when I power it up?

I don't have the RX01 drives that originally came with it, but I do have
the connecting cable with a D-37 connector at the VT78 end and a DB-25 at
the other end (only 18 pins fitted). I also have a set of RX02s in the
adjacent rack, and I have the RX02 printset and manuals somewhere. I
assume I can set the RX02 (M7044) switches appropriately, and use that with
an appropriate adapter cable? Anyone know the relevant VT78 pinout?

Documentation: all I can find that's even vaguely relevant is the DECscope
User's manual, RX8/RX11 Floppy Disk System User's Manual, RX8/RX11 Floppy
Disk System Maintenance Manual, the OS/8 Software Support Manual, and a
FOCAL-GT/RT User's Manual. I have borrowed copies of the Small Computer
Handbook (that's the one for 8/e, 8/f and 8/m) and the PDP8/a Minicomputer
Handbook. I should have the RX02 User Manual somewhere too. What else am
I going to need, that's downloadable from the net?

I should have some 8" floppies, though I'm not sure what's on them becasuse
I've not actually found them yet :-) Is there anything I should try
downloading from the net?

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