Almost forgot...

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The only thing I'd say is that you need to be certain that your ISP supports
an unfiltered connection for its DSL customers. Most providers filter NNTP,
WWW, and email traffic before it ever gets to your feed, so you're dead
unless you can get a "special dispensation" from above. All providers are
capable, but it normally requires (1) knowing someone in a position to
render the special dispensation and (2) making a "donation" ranging from a
6-pack to a 2-week vacation on a private island with Christie Brinkley. In
most cases, all that I know of, it must be arranged surreptitiously.


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> Oops! Almost forgot...
> Amongst the available machines for my project, add the following (sorry...
> one is about 1 year short of being a 'classic', and none of them are
> --Mid-90's vintage Pentium system, dual-CPU, 64MB RAM.
> --Two NCR 3300 series MicroChannel/486 systems, at least 32MB RAM each.
> --One NCR 3450 series MCA Dual-CPU 486 system, 64MB RAM.
> --One IBM PS/2-90 series, 486/50, 32MB RAM.
> Thanks much.
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