Advice Requested (kind of long...)

From: Manuel Bouyer <>
Date: Sat Dec 23 12:03:32 2000

On Fri, Dec 22, 2000 at 08:22:35PM -0800, Bruce Lane wrote:
> Fellow CLASSICCMP'ers and NetBSD Port-VAX'ers,
> I've reached the point where I need to make some decisions, and I would
> appreciate some insights from those who have obviously been computing since
> before I figured out how to pull apart my first alarm clock. ;-)
> I'm getting ready to create my own 'server farm' to place the
> domain on. My ultimate goal is to be dependent on Qwest
> (or whoever my ISP ends up being in the long run) only for:
> --The DSL line
> --DNS support
> --Usenet (and maybe not even that if I choose to set up a caching news
> server locally).
> I want to take responsibility for everything else, including:
> --Two mail servers (primary and backup)
> --A web server (already up and running since last summer)
> --An FTP system that can do double-duty as a local caching Usenet server
> with a LIMITED (less than 50) newsgroups (I don't have a terabyte storage
> array). ;-)
> --A "maintenance" server that can be dedicated to netbooting other
> systems, if need be, and that will also serve as a central recording point
> for logging from the other machines.
> Everything will run a version of NetBSD as its OS. This is not negotiable.
> With all this in mind, and considering I have numerous retired systems
> available, I'm looking for suggestions on which platform to use for which
> purpose. Here is what I have active now:
> SPARC IPC (Local DNS, intranet only).
> SPARCClassic, 32MB RAM, 1 gig disk -- Web server.
> Here are the machines I have available that have yet to be put to use.
> --SPARC IPX with the Weitek PowerSPARC upgrade CPU, 32MB RAM.
> --At least one, possibly two more SPARCClassics, 32MB RAM each (both under
> consideration for mail servers).
> --NEC RISCServer 2200, dual CPUs, 64MB RAM (Under consideration for taking
> over as web server at a future point).
> --Two MicroVAX 3's, 32MB RAM each.
> --DEC 3000/600 Alpha system, 128MB RAM (under consideration as a future
> workstation).
> --VAXServer 3100, 16MB RAM (can possibly go to 24).
> --VAXStation 3100/M38, 16MB RAM (can possibly go to 24).
> --ApplicationDEC dual-CPU 486 system, 16MB RAM.
> --DEC 5000/200 MIPS box, RAM unknown.
> --Motorola MVME147 tower system, RAM unknown (at least 8, possibly 16MB),
> under consideration for the "maintenance" node mentioned earlier.
> So..... which machine gets to do what? Any thoughts? I have enough SCSI
> disks to give all the machines a minimum storage space of between 520MB-1
> gig. I do have one 9-gig Seagate that I'm reserving for the FTP/Usenet box.

This mostly depends on the load on the mail, www and ftp servers.
When I ran some tests, a 486dx33 with a slow SCSI disk was able to deliver
3000 mail in an hour (this was with 1.3.x, I'd expect better perfs with 1.5).
So I guess the 2 classic could be valuable mail server if you don't need to
get/send more than a few hundred mails per hours (for the backup, and IPC
or even the vaxserver would be enouth).

I have a p100 with 32MB RAM, good UW scsi disks and a 100Mbs ethernet card as
web/ftp server (serving, amongs others, www2/
pwebstat reported loads as higth as 11000 requests per hour (I have no
cgi running, though). Again this depends on what load you expect for the
www server, but the classic can do the job.

Manuel Bouyer, LIP6, Universite Paris VI. 
Received on Sat Dec 23 2000 - 12:03:32 GMT

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